#69: Blea Tarn

I had a few hours to spare in the Lakes yesterday afternoon – and what better way to spend it than going for a swim? It is definitely starting to feel autumnal now and my first idea was to choose a diddly little tarn somewhere that I could just splosh in and out of to … More #69: Blea Tarn

#68: Skeggles Water

Today started off very similarly to yesterday – driving rain and heavy grey skies with the addition of a healthy wind. But the forecast said that it would brighten up in the afternoon, so we put our faith in that and drove up Longsleddale all the way to Sadgill at the end. It’s a long … More #68: Skeggles Water

#67: Beacon Tarn

I’ve been doing this challenge for about a year and a half now and for the whole time my mum, Deb,┬áhas been saying she’d love to come and swim with me – and yesterday she finally did. We met in Kendal and sat in the car looking at the maps for a little while. Outside … More #67: Beacon Tarn

#64: Crummock Water

The weather forecast for today was for sunny and warm so I decided to take the opportunity to do a bigger swim. The drive over was lovely, sunny and warm with beautiful, hazy views over the fells. We stopped on the way to buy a new tow-float as mine has started to go down a … More #64: Crummock Water

#62: Red Tarn

I’m staying in Langdale tonight, so I got my maps out this morning and had a look at the options in this area. I chose Red Tarn on the side of Pike of Blisco and set off, the sun shining, for Wrynose Pass. It was a long drive from home but totally worth it. There … More #62: Red Tarn

#60: Ullswater

After two boring but sleep-deprived days at work it felt great yesterday to be able to throw myself into a good long swim. I left work and drove down the M6, only to find a solid mass of traffic at my junction. From there on the fact that it was the Friday of a bank … More #60: Ullswater

#59: Loweswater

17/8/16 Well, what a fantastic day! Glorious sunshine and one of my favourite swims so far. Laura, Angela, Katy and I drove over to Loweswater, enjoying the stunning views over the fells in the hot, bright sun. We drove up Newlands Valley and down along the side of Crummock Water, deep blue water sparkling and … More #59: Loweswater