#5: Brotherswater

Number five done! A lovely day at Brotherswater today with Mike, Sivi and Oli. We even had some sunshine! Mike didn’t swim but stayed on the bank as official non-swimming photographer. I’d never swum in Brotherswater before and didn’t realise how shallow it is – most of the time we were able to stand up. This also meant that it wasn’t too cold so we were all pretty content in our wetsuits. Oli did some beautiful salmon jumps and he and Sivi both experimented with swimming like a fish on the grounds that surely that must be the most efficient way? It turned out that neither of them have fins or indeed spines that are that bendy, so they both went back to breast stroke which was a bit less… sinky.
When we got back to the bank we found Mike had made a little fire which was lovely to come back to! We finished the afternoon with a trip to the Travellers Rest in Glenridding. Mmmmm, well deserved chips…..

Brotherswater 001 Brotherswater 003 Brotherswater 008 Brotherswater 010 Brotherswater 024 Brotherswater 029 Brotherswater 040 Brotherswater 043 DSCF3491 DSCF3503 DSCF3519 DSCF3521

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